Tabuada, Jaspher D.

Science process skills and academic achievement of Grade 4 pupils : basis for science lesson exemplars / Jaspher D. Tabuada - ii, 124 leaves : 28 cm. illustrations;

Thesis (MaEd) --

Includes bibliography

This is a descriptive-correlational study, which was undertaken to determine the Science Process Skills, the academic achievement in Science and their relationship among the 155 Grade 4 pupils proportionally and randomly selected from the six sections of Mambong Elementary School. A 45-item content validated science process' questionnaire with 70.80% reliability index was used. The grade-point average for school year 2017-2018 served as the academic achievement measures. The findings of the study revealed that the pupils' level of basic science process skills is "average". This means that the pupils demonstrated little analytical processing of information and strive to perform basic science process skills.

Science--Study and teaching.
Academic achievement.
Teachers--Training of.