Navarro, Rubyluz C.

Reading habits, comprehension level and academic achievement in English of Grade 7 students : basis for student-assisted reading scheme / Rubyluz C. Navarro - ii, 84 leaves : 28 cm. illustrations;

Thesis (MaEd) --

Includes bibliography

In this study, the researcher determined the reading habits comprehension level and academic achievement in English of the Grade 7 students of Kaytitinga National High School. Specifically, this sought to answer the following questions: what are reading habits of students; what are the comprehension level of students; what is the academic achievement of student in English; what student reading scheme maybe proposed to improve the reading comprehension. The researcher used the descriptive-qualitative research method. It is the process of describing the present behavior or characteristics of a particular population. Survey questionnaires were also used in gathering data. The Paul Leedy Questionnaire on Reading Habits and the Phil IRI test were administered to the student-respondents.

Reading--Study and teaching.
Academic achievement.
Teachers--Aids and devices.