Tanio, Eugenia V.

Teachers' professional characteristics, school climate and pupils' academic achievement in English : basis for a training program / Eugenia V. Tanio - ii, 83 leaves : 28 cm. illustrations;

Thesis (MaEd) --

Includes bibliography

This study was undertaken to determine the professional characteristics of teachers, the school climate and academic achievement of pupils in English to serve as basis for a training program. It also identified the profile of English teachers in terms of their highest educational attainment, in-service training attended, length of service, and their English proficiency level. Furthermore, English teachers assessed their professional characteristics in terms of planning/assessing/reporting, diversity of learners, personal growth and professional development; and social regard for learning. Perceptions of teachers with regards to school climate in terms of attitude, self-acceptance, pupil's incentive, curriculum development and high expectation were also given emphasis.

Teachers--Training of.
English language--Study and teaching.
Academic achievement.