Magsino, Joy A.

Teacher's personality, competencies and academic performance of MAPEH students in Governor Feliciano Leviste Memorial National High School : basis for an action plan/ Joy A. Magsino - ii, 99 leaves : 28 cm. illustrations;

Thesis (MaEd) --

Includes bibliography.

This study will sought answers on the significant difference between the teacher's profile and their competencies; significant relationship exist between teacher's personality and teacher's competencies to the student's academic performance. Along with the findings of this study, the researcher proposed an action plan for faculty, the researcher proposed an action plan for faculty and students development. The subject of the study which served as respondents were 209 students and 28 MAPEH teachers were in the researcher proposed an action plan. This research employed the qualitative research using descriptive-correlational method as a research design. Findings of the study revealed that there is significant difference between teacher's educational attainment and teacher's competencies which means that educational attainment of the teachers affects the competencies exhibit in their teaching.

Academic achievement.
Teachers--Training of.
Middle schools --Teaching.