Luttrel, Regina

The PR agency handbook / by Regina Luttrel and Luke Capizzo - Los Angeles : SAGE, c2018. - xxi, 279 pages ; illustrations : 23 cm.

Providing a practical and concise introduction to agency life, this text gives an insight into the day-to-day operations of a professional PR firm and offers best practice for creating a successful PR career.

Part I: Agency Life; Chapter 1: Working in an Agency; Work Environment; Agency Structure; Agency Types: Niche Agency vs. Full Service; Chapter 2: Working with Clients; Choosing a Client: The Right Fit; Types of PR Expertise; Clients Large and Small; Client Types, Obstacles and Solutions; Chapter 3: Starting off on the right foot; Setting Expectations; Client Contacts and Reporting Relationships; Billing for Services; Key Takeaways; Part II: Strategies & Tactics; Chapter 4: Managing Projects, Meetings, and Client Communication; Setting Expectations for Success; Best Practices for Project Management; Agency and Client Meetings: Before, During, And After; Chapter 5: Corporate Communication: A Look at Crisis Communication and Media Relations; The Role of Corporate Communication and Agency Partners; Chapter 6: Social Media: A Comprehensive Look at What Companies Need; Organizational Social Media for Clients; Content creation and Curation; Building the Right Relationships; The Evolution of a Company's Social Media Strategy; Chapter 7: Marketing: Marketing in a Public Relations Agency; Two is Better than One; The Ecosystem of Earned and Paid; Chapter 8: Branding Basics; Creating a Company Brand; Building, Managing, & Sustaining Brands; Chapter 9: Internal Communication; What can agencies add to internal communication?; Internal communication for external results; Chapter 10: Creative Production; Basic Visual Design Principles; Learning the Languages of Design; Learning the Language of Print Production; Learning the Language of Video Production; Chapter 11: SEO, Content Marketing & Digital Marketing; Principles of Web Design; Part III: The Business of Agency PR; Chapter 12: Client Service-The Counselor Role and Seeding Creativity; Challenges to Agency-Client Partnerships; Providing Strategic Counsel; The power of "Yes, And ... "; Chapter 13: Entrepreneurship & Business Development; What do you want to be?; Developing Long-term Client Relationships; Part IV -Putting it all together; Chapter 14: Public Relations Tools and Templates; PRSA IPA Proposal Template; ROSTIR Strategic Planning Guide; Strategy or Creative Brief; Mini Case Study: Lincoln's Watch.


Public relations.

HD59 / L97 2018