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040 _aPCUD
090 _aDASTHE LB1062.6 G3 2019
100 1 _aGato, Vernalyn B.
245 1 0 _aLearning styles and academic performance of primary pupils :
_bbasis for an enhanced intervention program/
_cVernalyn B. Gato
300 _aii, 133 leaves :
_cillustrations ;
_b28 cm.
502 _aThesis (MaEd) --
_cPhilippine Christian University,
504 _aIncludes bibliography.
520 _aThis study has two major purposes: (1) to look into the relationship of learning styles on the academic performance of primary pupils of Biga Elementary School, and (2) to make recommendations for the enhancement of teaching strategies of teachers for the improvement of the pupils academic performance. In the first part, results of the surveys on the preferred learning styles of pupils are presented. Upon relating the survey results to the students' assessment and performance rating, there is significant relationship between academic performance and learning styles in terms of environmental stimulus as to sounds, lights, temperature and design; emotional stimulus as to structure; sociological stimulus; physiological stimulus as to perception, intake, time, and mobility, and psychological stimulus as to processing and decision was revealed.
541 _e1190-T
650 0 _aAcademic achievement.
650 0 _aElementary education
_xStudy and teaching.
650 _aTeachers
_xTraining of.
700 1 _aRosano, Raquel Violeta D, Ed.D
942 _hDASTHE LB1062.6 G3 2019
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