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040 _aPCUD
090 _aDASTHE HF5548.8 M3 2019
100 1 _aAquino, Mileah M.
245 1 0 _aEmotional intelligence and academic performance in mathematics of intermediate pupils :
_bbasis for remediation program/
_cMileah M. Aquino
300 _aii, 107 leaves :
_b28 cm.
502 _aThesis (MaEd) --
_cPhilippine Christian University,
504 _aIncludes bibliography.
520 _aThis study aimed to determine emotional intelligence and academic performance in Mathematics of intermediate pupils at Carmen Elementary School, as basis for a remediation program, which was the basis for a remediation program. This study used the descriptive-correlational research design. It involved 82 or 100 percent of all the enrolment of Grade V and Grade VI pupils of Carmen Elementary School. Preference is restricted only for Carmen Elementary School, District of Silang , Division of Cavite. The statistical tools used were frequency count, percentage, weighted mean, standard deviation and chi-square. An emotional intelligence scale inventory awareness, self-management and social awareness consisting of 5 items each was used in measuring pupils' emotional intelligence. The grade point average in second quarter in Mathematics subject was used in measuring the academic performance of the pupil-respondents.
541 _e1196-T
650 0 _aAcademic achievement.
650 0 _aMathematics
_xRemedial teaching.
650 0 _aEducational psychology.
700 1 _aAmiscosa, Yolita S. PhD
942 _hDASTHE HF5548.8 M3 2019
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