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090 _aDASTHE LB1062.6 S3 2018
100 1 _aSalvador, Lou J.
245 1 0 _aTeachers' teaching style, pupils' attitude and their academic performance in science:
_bbasis for instructional material /
_cLou J. Salvador
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502 _aThesis (MaEd) --
_cPhilippine Christian University,
504 _aIncludes bibliography
520 _aThe study aimed to determine the teaching styles, pupil's attitude and academic performance of elementary teachers and students in Science of elementary schools in the District III of City of Dasmarinas City. The quantitative, descriptive correlational method was used in this study. The respondents of the study were the 18 teachers handling Science subjects and the selected grade 3 to grade 6 elementary pupils. Teaching styles by the Grasha-Riechmann Teaching Style Inventory and The Modified Attitudes Toward Science Inventory (mATSI) were used as means of gathering data. Results showed that Science grade 3 to 6 teachers are really applying different teaching styles inside the classroom. Elementary students have shown a positive attitude toward Science and performance well in their academic performance in Science. Findings reveal that there is no significant relationship between the teachers' teaching styles to attitude of the students towards Science, and their academic performance. However, pupils' attitude towards Science has an association with their academic performance. The proposed instructional materials will help the elementary pupils improve their performances in Science and address the needs for the least mastered skills in Science 3 to 6.
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