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040 _aPCUS
082 _a372.652
_bB131 2021
090 _aJHSMLA Prof. 372.652 B131 2021
100 1 _aBacus, Remedios C.
245 0 4 _aThe Teaching and assessment of grammar /
_cRemedios C. Bacus, Rivika C. Alda, Lelani C. Dapat, Filomena T. Dayagbil
260 _aCubao, Quezon City :
_bLorimar Publishing Inc.,
300 _aixv, 74 pages ;
_c25 cm
505 0 _aChapter 1: Key Terms and Concepts in Managing and Implementing Standards-based Grammar Teaching -- Chapter 2: Methods of Teaching Grammar -- Chapter 3: Rules of Teaching Grammar -- Chapter 4: Assessing Grammar Effectively -- Chapter 5: Issues of Grammar Teaching and Assessment
520 _aThe module will introduce you to the world of teaching and assessment of grammar. It will provide you with enough opportunities that will make you examine the application of the theories and principles in the teaching and assessment of grammar. You are expected to verify factors that influence the teaching and assessment of grammar. You will also be given a chance to design and try out learning tasks, instructional materials and assessment tools. Chapter 1 (Key Terms and Concepts in Managing and Implementing Standards-based Grammar Teaching) will introduce you to the importnant terms and concepts in managing and implementing standard - based Grammar Teaching. The activities will help you better understand the domain of a language effectively and appropriately. Chapter 2 (Methods of Teaching Grammar) will provide you knowledge and theories on how to facilitate the learning process by recognizing, knowing and applying different methods of teaching grammar to be able to design activities to achieve learning goals and acquisition of knowledge on grammar to promote better learning among your students. Chapter 3 (Rules for Teaching Grammar) will guide you to understand and practice the rules in teaching grammar to promote effective language learning. Chapter 4 (Assessing Grammar Effectively) will provide you ways and tips in assessing grammar effectively so you can measure appropriately what needs to be measured and somehow provide remediation for some student fall who short of grammar competencies. Chapter 5 (Issues of Grammar Teaching and Assessment) will help you cope with the challenges on how to manage your language class to help them understand and deal with the different issues in grammar teaching and assessment knowing students' differing abilities and cultural background.
650 0 _aEnglish language
_vStudy and teaching
700 1 _aAlda, Rivika
700 1 _aDapat, Lelani C.
700 1 _aDayagbil, Filomena T.
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